Always in style. Classic and trendy. Sometimes introvert, sometimes outspoken. An exclusive eye brand that combines local craftsmanship with style. Good quality eyewear with great service. Looking for affordable fashion? You’ve found it!


Louis is not only Belgian design ‘Made in Antwerp’, it is also a label with knowledge of the market. Nathalie Boon, a certified optician and for many years manager of the leading optician market in Antwerp, knows the the end consumer very well.

Nathalie is of course not alone. She is surrounded by a passionate team of professionals who are very experienced and have a passion for eyewear. There are Cas Moor, a passionate designer who comes up with stunning designs and Dennis Czaika who manages both sales and administration in the right direction.

A strong duo that makes the difference every day. Without forgetting the representatives and distributors at home and abroad who help Louis Belgium on the market. Each and every one of them contributes to the success story that is now being written. A strong brand, supported by a strong and passionate team.


Louis stands for looking good and sharp! Stylish, high-quality Belgian design reflected in our choice of materials.

Our acetate collection is made from durable acetate plates from Italy. Mazzucchelli machines produce the plates into a hypoallergenic, strong and extremely light material, which makes models from this collection very comfortable to wear.

Our metal collection is made from nickel-free stainless steel and is very durable. A metal frame instantly gives you a classy look.


We design glasses that stand out. Since 2010, we have been offering the best products and services to our customers to make them happy.

Louis is always good looking and looking sharp